Advance Health Directive

An Advance Health Directive gives you the power to direct your health Attorney to make the right decisions on your behalf after you have lost the power to speak for yourself.


Many people lose mental capacity through sickness or injury, before they actually age, or die.  Have you considered what you would want your Attorney to do for you on your behalf if you were in a persistent vegative state with unlikely prospects of recovery?  Would your health Attorney know what you would want in these circumstances?   

An Advance Health Directive is a very powerful estate planning document which specifcally details what your directions would be in the event you face certain specific health care needs.  It directs your health Attorney to act in a manner consistent with your wishes, although you are no longer able to speak or convey these directions to them.

This document can only be made when you are medically capable, and given the nature of the document in question, your doctor must sign off and acknowledge that you understand the decisions you have made and documented in your Advance Health Directive.

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