Enduring Power of Attorney

Imagine if you no longer had legal mental capacity, and could no longer

make your own decisions.  It is a terrible predicament, but unfortunately

it can happen to you, your partner, or a loved one.  We know the impact

incapacity can have first hand, as it has happened to many of our 

clients due to sickness or injury.  

In these circumstances, it is imperative that before any event occurs

deeming you incapable, that you put in place an Enduring Power of Attorney.

This document allows your Attorney to make decisions on your behalf, in

respect of your health and finances in the event you become incapable,

but are still alive but are unable to speak for yourself.

You can specifically nominate exactly what your Attorney is allowed to do,

and the terms on which they can operate in furtherance of your directions, in the

event this document is called into play.


This document is particulary useful if you are going into hospital for an operation, or

are facing a prolonged illness.  Many of our clients have put into place an immediate

power for their partner to deal with their affairs regardless.

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