The Lease of a premises can be a complex matter.  Leases are usually for a set length of time, and may contain option periods which can extend the terms of the current lease for further terms, depending on what is contained in the lease.  The lease should encapsule all the rights and obligations of both the landlord and tenant.

Business owners who fail to understand the complexity of leases can lose valuable rights and experience financial loss if the are not able to renew their lease, which in turn allows their business to operate

We can assist both tenants and landlords with any retail and commercial leasing requirements.

  • Lease of a shop

  • Lease of a business premises

  • Election to excerise option periods in leases

  • Amendments to leases

  • Surrender of leases

  • Advising on leases generally

  • Negotiating the lease terms on your behalf

  • SMSF landlord lease to tenant (business owner)

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