Probate Applications

Depending on each particular Estate, it may be necessary to obtain a Grant of Probate at the beginning of the Estate administration process.  


We would not advise any Executor to attempt to do this without guidance, as a very specific process needs to be followed.  Court documents also need to be drafted correctly to avoid further costs and delays.  Once the application is filed in the Supreme Court registry, it takes approximately 8 weeks for the Grant of Probate to issue.  However, depending on the court and the application, sometimes it can take a lot longer.  If selling any estate real property in that time, Executors must make any sale subject to a number of conditions in relation to the Grant of Probate issuing.  We can assist you with these conditions.

Many financial institutions, superannuation funds and retirement homes require a Grant of Probate be obtained from the Supreme Court prior to releasing any funds, death benefits or bonds.  We can assist you to satisfy their requirements.

Please call us or email if we can assist you.